Desiree + Kyle // Engaged - Spokane Wedding Photographer

December 08, 2014
It isn't every day I get a chance to be a part of the most important day of someone's life. These two seem to have an immense joy around each other and their love for eac...
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Benjamin Powell

December 09, 2013
Benjamin Powell After serving three tours in Iraq for the United States Marines, Benjamin returned home to Idaho to pursue an interest in photography after his "Juliet...
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Trying Something Different

September 17, 2013
Once in a while, you get in that mood to try something different. I was recently just given an older projection style TV, and I happened to get a Playstation 3 to go alon...
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How to Photograph Fireworks

July 04, 2013
Photo with permission by Chuck Hilliard Looking to take some amazing fireworks photos this 4th of July? Check out this video I made and you'll certainly get some stellar...
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How to Fix Not Being Able to Type Caps in Photoshop

June 30, 2013
Photo by Ben Watkin Earlier while I was designing my printed portfolio, I came across the problem of not being able to use capital letters. I contacted my friend Scott D...
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